N.Z.J.Ecol., Volume 35(2), 2011

Table of Contents


Review Article

Frith C. Jarrad
Susan Barrett
Justine Murray
John Parkes
Richard Stoklosa
Kerrie Mengersen
Peter Whittle
Pages: 132-144

Research Article

David S. L. Ramsey
John P. Parkes
David Will
Chad C. Hanson
Karl J. Campbell
Pages: 163-173
Julie A. Savidge
James W. Stanford
Robert N. Reed
Ginger R. Haddock
Amy A. Yackel Adams
Pages: 174-181
Mandy C. Barron
Dean P. Anderson
John P. Parkes
Samuel M. 'Ohukani'ohi'a Gon III
Pages: 182-188

Short Communication

Conference Abstract

Kerry Paice
Mark Bullians
Graham Burnip
D. Gunawardana
Pages: 192-192
Firth Jarrad
Peter Whittle
Susan Barrett
Richard Stoklosa
John Parkes
Kerry Mengersen
Pages: 192-192
James C. Russell
Angus J. C. McMorland
Jamie W. B. MacKay
Pages: 193-193
Julie Savidge
Robert Reed
James Stanford
Ginger Haddock
Rebecca Stafford
Pages: 193-193
Meghan N. Williams
Jenny Brown
Pages: 194-194
Mandy Barron
Dean Anderson
John Parkes
Pages: 196-196

In November 2008, a two-day symposium of 25 invited papers on the theme of search and detection: theory and application in disease and wildlife management was held in Wellington. Papers were presented to an audience of about 60 people by authors from New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Mexico, and the USA. Some of these papers are published in this special issue, along with two on the theme that were submitted after the symposium. The abstracts of the other papers presented at the symposium are reprinted in this issue.

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