Honorary Life Membership

Honorary life memberships are conferred from time to time to recognise outstanding service to the New Zealand Ecological Society. Nominations must include a detailed statement of support outlining the candidate’s contribution to the Society, and must also be seconded.

Please send nominations to the awards convenor (Margaret Stanley, mc.stanley@auckland.ac.nz)


NZES Honorary Life Members 



Bruce Burns


Clayson Howell


Shona Myers

2014 Mick N. Clout
2011 Eric B. Spurr
2010 Matt S. McGlone
2009 R. (Michael) Greenwood
2008 John L. Craig
2006 Dave Kelly
2005 Peter A. Williams
2004 C. (Les) Batcheler;
Alan F. Mark
2002 John Ogden
2001 Ian A. E. Atkinson; 
Murray Williams
1999 Peter Wardle
1997 John P. Parkes
1988 Mike R. Rudge
1985 John L. Nicholls
1984 Kazimierz.A. Wodzicki
1978 John A. Gibb; 
Gordon R. Williams
1974 Ruth Mason
1971 Norman Lascelles Elder
1965 Kenneth Ernest Lee
1964 Kenneth (Radway) Allen