New Zealand Journal of Ecology

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The New Zealand Journal of Ecology is a peer-reviewed journal publishing ecological research relevant to Aotearoa New Zealand and the South Pacific. It has been published since 1952 (as a 1952 issue of New Zealand Science Review and as the Proceedings of the New Zealand Ecological Society until 1977).

The Journal is published by the New Zealand Ecological Society and is covered by Current Contents/Agriculture, Biology and Environmental Science, GEOBASE, Geo Abstracts, Google Scholar and Web of Knowledge.

Journal Metrics for 2021

Impact factor 2.508, 5-year Impact factor 2.129, Scopus CiteScore 3.2


Latest Special Issue:

Volume 46, issue 3, 2022: Restoration of New Zealand Subantarctic Islands

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Review Article

Research Article

Kelly Whitau
Dave Kelly
Tim N. H. Galloway
Archie E. T. MacFarlane
Josh C. C. M. van Vianen
Laureline Rossignaud
Kim J. Doherty
Nyil Khwaja
Stephanie A. J. Preston
Ben J. Hatchwell
James V. Briskie
Olivia R. Burge
Robbie Price
Janet M. Wilmshurst
James M. Blyth
Hugh A. Robertson
Jonathan G. Palmer
Chris S. M. Turney
Zoë A. Thomas
Pavla Fenwick
Sarah J. Richardson
Janet M. Wilmshurst
Matt S. McGlone
Elaine C. Murphy
Tom Agnew
Tim Sjoberg
Charles T. Eason
Duncan MacMorran
James G. Ross

Forum Article

Bradley S. Case
Adam S. Forbes
Margaret C. Stanley
Graham Hinchliffe
David A. Norton
Febyanna Suryaningrum
Rebecca Jarvis
David Hall
Hannah L. Buckley
Adam S. Forbes
Sarah J. Richardson
Fiona E. Carswell
Norman W. H. Mason
Larry E. Burrows

Short Communication

Margaret Nichols
Alistair S. Glen
James Ross
Andrew M. Gormley
Patrick M. Garvey