New Zealand Journal of Ecology


Journal Editor: George Perry     Technical Journal Editor: Katherine Russell

2016 ISI impact factor 1.704

The New Zealand Journal of Ecology is a peer-reviewed journal publishing ecological research relevant to New Zealand/Aotearoa and the South Pacific. It has been published since 1952 (as a 1952 issue of New Zealand Science Review and as the Proceedings of the New Zealand Ecological Society until 1977). The Journal is published by the New Zealand Ecological Society and is covered by Current Contents/Agriculture, Biology and Environmental Science, GEOBASE, Geo Abstracts, Google Scholar and Web of Knowledge. 

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Review Article

Gavin Lear
Ian Dickie
Jonathan Banks
Stephane Boyer
Hannah L. Buckley
Thomas R. Buckley
Rob Cruickshank
Andrew Dopheide
Kim M. Handley
Syrie Hermans
Janine Kamke
Charles K. Lee
Robin MacDiarmid
Sergio E. Morales
David A. Orlovich
Rob Smissen
Jamie Wood
Robert Holdaway

Research Article

J.G. Palmer
C.S.M. Turney
C. Fogwill
P. Fenwick
Z. Thomas
M. Lipson
R.T. Jones
B. Beavan
S.J. Richardson
J.M. Wilmshurst
Lee Shapiro
Helen Blackie
Donald Arthur
James Ross
Charles Eason
Zoe L. Stone
Bruce Burns
Ron Moorhouse
Mick N. Clout

Short Communication

Forum Article

Robert J. Holdaway
Jamie R. Wood
Ian A. Dickie
Kate H. Orwin
Peter J. Bellingham
Sarah J. Richardson
Phil O'B. Lyver
Puke Timoti
Thomas R. Buckley