New Zealand Journal of Ecology


Journal Editor: George Perry     Technical Journal Editor: Katherine Russell

2016 ISI impact factor 1.704

The New Zealand Journal of Ecology is a peer-reviewed journal publishing ecological research relevant to New Zealand/Aotearoa and the South Pacific. It has been published since 1952 (as a 1952 issue of New Zealand Science Review and as the Proceedings of the New Zealand Ecological Society until 1977). The Journal is published by the New Zealand Ecological Society and is covered by Current Contents/Agriculture, Biology and Environmental Science, GEOBASE, Geo Abstracts, Google Scholar and Web of Knowledge. 

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Review Article

Craig E. Simpkins
Finnbar Lee
Breanna F. Powers
Sandra Anderson
Quinn Asena
James M.R. Brock
George L.W. Perry

Research Article

Helen Otley
Hannah Edmonds
Jo Hiscock
Glen Newton
Jane Tansell
Paul van Klink
Rebecca Wilson
Ian Westbrooke
Deborah J. Wilson
John G. Innes
Neil B. Fitzgerald
Scott Bartlam
Corinne Watts
Mark C. Smale
Kate G. McAlpine
Shona L. Lamoureaux
Susan M. Timmins
Debra M. Wotton
Sarah J. Richardson
Susan King
Alan B. Rose
Matt S. McGlone
Robert J. Holdaway
Pascale Ropars
Élisabeth Comeau
William G. Lee
Stéphane Boudreau
Catherine F. Mountier
Bradley S. Case
Leon Perrie
Patrick Brownsey
Adrian M. Paterson
Timothy J. Curran
Hannah L. Buckley

Short Communication

Graeme P. Elliott
Joshua Kemp
James C. Russell
Kate G. McAlpine
Susan M. Timmins
Sarah D. Jackman
Shona L. Lamoureaux

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