Council Members

Each year the NZ Ecological Society appoints a national Council to oversee the work of the organisation. The election of council members occurs each year at the Annual General Meeting. This is usually held during the society's conference.

There are nine members of the national council who meet in person three times a year and on skype four times a year. They are:

President: Cate Macinnis-NgEmail:

Vice President: Tim Curran

Secretary: Kiri Wallace

Treasurer: Chris Bycroft

Council members:

Immediate Past President: Clayson Howell

Also attending national council meetings as ex-officio members are:

Journal Editor: George PerryEmail:

Website: Sarah WyseEmail:

Newsletter Editor: Angela Simpson, Email:

Membership officer: Olivia Burge

INTECOL past president and NZ representative, and NZES past secretary: Shona Myers



Thanks to Dave Kelly for many years of impeccable record keeping, you can now see who has served on NZES council and when. 

Office spreadsheet icon NZES Council history135 KB