Occasional Publications

The New Zealand Ecological Society publishes Occasional Publications on issues expanding on important conference symposia and workshops.



Vegetation Change in Tussock grasslands, with emphasis on Hawkweeds
N.Z. Ecological Society Occasional Publication No. 2, 1992
Edited by G. G. Hunter, C. R. Mason, and D. M. Robertson
Record of a workshop of the N.Z. Ecological Society, Cass Field Station, Canterbury, 3-6 October 1991
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Management of New Zealand's Natural Estate
N.Z. Ecological Society Occasional Publication No. 1, 1989
Edited by D. A. Norton
Proceedings of a Symposium of the N.Z. Ecological Society held at the University of Otago, Dunedin, 22-25 August 1988.

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The Environmental Conequences to New Zealand of Nuclear Warfare in the Northern Hemisphere
A statement of concern by the council of the New Zealand Ecological Society (Inc.), 1984

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An Ecological Approach to New Zealand's Future
Compiled by R. A. Fordham and J. Ogden
Department of Botany and Zoology, Massey University, Palmerston North for the Council of the New Zealand Ecological Society
Published as a supplement to Volume 21 of the Proceedings of the N.Z. Ecological Society.

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Note: See also the N.Z.J.Ecol. back issues for a corregendum, published in Proc.N.Z.Ecol.Soc. Volume 21, pages 88-91