Proceedings of the New Zealand Ecological Society (1971) 18: 82- 82

Ekologia Polska, Seria A, Vol. XVII.

Book Review
Kazimierz Wodzicki  

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There are 44 papers in this volume averaging 20 pages each. Additional summaries of all the papers are reprinted on special sheets presumably to save the time of the hurried reader. All papers, except one in French and one in Russian, are in English with Polish summaries. However, the paper in Russian is in Cyrillic including the title, making it difficult to absorb by readers unfamiliar with that alphabet.
It is hardly possible even to list all the 44 papers but the range of topics gives a fair idea of the problems that engross the minds of Polish ecologists. Generally the topics of the papers in this volume fall into the following main groups: agroecology (16 papers), limnology (7), insect ecology (6), wildlife (5), ornithology (4), rodent ecology (2) and miscellaneous papers (4). The above division of the contents is somewhat arbitrary because as often with ecological research some of the papers may fall into more than one category.