Proceedings of the New Zealand Ecological Society (1970) 17: 33- 40

The roles of Spartina species in New Zealand

Research Article
L. D. Bascand  
  1. Invermay Agricultural Research Centre, Department of Agriculture, Mosgiel

The distribution and rates of spread of different growth forms of S. townsendii and of S. alterniflora in New Zealand are discussed and rates of sedimentation measured in Spartina plantations in Northland are compared with those recorded in Southland and in England.
Gross productivities of plantations in Northland are compared with English and American data and problems associated with foreshore protection are considered.
Spartina is undoubtedly a valuable plant aid to land reclamation, but its introduction to new areas should take into account both alternative uses of aquatic environments and problems arising from its uncontrolled spread.