Proceedings of the New Zealand Ecological Society (1955) 3: 23- 24

Habitat classification: Terrestrial environments in New Zealand

Report to Annual Meeting
R. R. Forster  

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Botanists have classified terrestrial habi- tats in New Zealand, and their classifications have been used by zoologists and eco- logists, but no combined botanical and zoological classification has been attempted. In the absence of a well-developed vertebrate fauna any such classification would have to be based on invertebrates and the present inadequate knowledge of our invertebrates prohibits their use in a general classification.
Using some of the botanists' major ecological units I shall try to show their relationships to the New Zealand fauna. The units selected are:

Open Country
Grassland; River bed; Coastal; Subalpine meadow and rock.
Mixed rain forest; Beech forest; Sub- alpine forest.