Proceedings of the New Zealand Ecological Society (1955) 3: 17- 20

The ecology of tussock grasslands: Discussion

Report to Annual Meeting
T. W. Walker (Chairman)  

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H. E. CONNOR, in opening the discussion, said it was apparent there was a big field of tussock-grassland research in front of us. The views of the speakers lead us to take a long-term view of the development of tussock grassland. Mr. Raeside had de- scribed three cycles-one warm and wet, one cool and dry and the latest phase out of equilibrium. An elaboration of the effect of the changes in climate and vegetation in the tussock grasslands would clear the way for any discussion on their utilization. The pre- European history seems more important when we consider treatment of these grasslands today. Perhaps some of the recent carbon 14 techniques, or pollen analyses could be of use. Also, what has happened to species of plants in the tussock grassland flora following the migration of the tussock grassland into new ecological niches? A full understanding of the early history and development is needed before the question of present use can be brought into the major discussion.