New Zealand Journal of Ecology (1988) 11: 121- 122

Annual Conference 1988

Conference Report
  1. New Zealand Ecological Society

First paragraph:
The 35th Annual Conference was held at Turangi Outdoor Centre, and Turangi Senior Citizens Clubrooms from 25 to 28 August 1988. There were slightly fewer than usual registrants but a cohesive, cosy conference ensued. Most participants travelled overland arriving on Monday night. The conference was opened by Tumu Te Heu Heu of Ngati Tuwharetoa. The Symposim that followed, on the theme 'Disturbance in New Zealand Ecosystems', produced a lot of material relevant to a conference held in Turangi to mark the National Park Centennial. Each of the two sections, physical and biological, were capably introduced by our keynote speakers, Phil Tonkin and Tom Veblen.

[Webmaster's erratum: to be consistent with other volumes and the asymmetry of time, this must have been the 36th Annual Conference in August 1987.]