New Zealand Journal of Ecology (1981) 4: 29- 32

Notes on a Visit to Jacquemart Island in the Campbell Island Group

Research Article
M. N. Foggo 1
Colin D. Meurk 2
  1. Central Institute of Technology, Private Bag, Trentham Post Office, New Zealand
  2. Department of Botany, University of Otago, Box 56, Dunedin, New Zealand

"These two islands [Dent and Jacquemart] are the largest off Campbell Island. Possibly a landing could be made on Dent, but it would be quite impossible on Jacquemart." (Bailey and Sorensen, 1962, p. 28).

This paper describes the first visit to Jacquemart Island in the south of the subantarctic Campbell Island group. The island contrasts with the main island by the absence of introduced grazing mammals, rats (Rattus spp.) and feral cats (Felis catus), and in the dominance of palatable plant species. A survey of the main vegetation communities was made and bird species seen were recorded. Specimens of an endemic weta (Notoplectron campbellensis) were collected.