Proceedings of the New Zealand Ecological Society (1975) 22: 1- 6

Conservation of rare and threatened plant taxa in New Zealand—some principles.

Research Article
David R. Given  
  1. Botany Division, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Christchurch.

Deficiencies in knowledge of New Zealand plants are outlined, particularly with regard to conservation status and distribution. In an effective and integrated approach to the documentation and study of rare and endangered plants four aspects must be considered: documentation of individual taxa, provision of effective protective legislation, preservation of populations in the wild and in cultivation, and education of both the general public and botanists. In discussing these, mention is made of a documentation scheme currently in operation at Botany Division, and of deficiencies and needs in most aspects of rare and threatened plant conservation. Although there is an increasing interest in such biota, the author concludes that New Zealand has still not achieved a balanced outlook on its unique flora.