Proceedings of the New Zealand Ecological Society (1971) 18: 86- 86

Report of Conservation Sub-Committee, for the year ended 31 May 1971

Conservation Subcommittee
New Zealand Ecological Society Conservation Subcommittee  

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Arawhata River Reserve
Doctor A. F. Mark has prepared a case for a Forest Sanctuary near the Arawhata River and the Society submitted it to the New Zealand Forest Service on his behalf. The area is relatively accessible and the vegetation gradients of forest and pakihi on the poorly drained acid soils are of botanical and pedological interest.
In a reappraisal of Council's policy on such matters it was concluded that if groups wish to involve the Society, as in this case, the more efficient course is for the persons or groups who locate these desirable areas to make out the detailed case and then either submit them to the appropriate authority with a covering sup- supporting porting letter from the Society, or ask that the Society submit it in its own name.