Proceedings of the New Zealand Ecological Society (1970) 17: 92- 95

The patterns of land use in the unoccupied mountain lands of Westland National Park

Research Article
G. Rennison  
  1. Westland National Park

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For the purposes of this paper, a definition of "mountain land" is necessary. It may be taken to be all that land in Westland National Park which lies east of the Alpine Fault (roughly all that lies east of the main highway) including the Fox and the Franz Josef Glacier valleys. All is unoccupied as far as permanent settlement is concerned.
Westland National Park was established in 1960, and gathered together large areas of Scenic Reserve and Crown land. These form the nucleus of the area of 210,257 acres comprising the Park today. The National Parks Act 1952, requires parks to be ". . . preserved as far as possible in their natural state . . the natural flora and fauna shall as far as possible be preserved and the introduced flora and fauna shall as far as possible be exterminated. . . their value as soil. water and forest conservation areas shall be maintained