Proceedings of the New Zealand Ecological Society (1961) 8: 27- 28

Temperature response of native short tussocks

Research Article
D. Scott  
  1. Plant Physiology Unit, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Palmerston North

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This paper reports on the response to temperature of one clone of silver tussock (Poa caespitosa), one clone of Otago blue tussock (Poa colensoi var. intermedia), and two clones of fescue tussock (Festuca novae-zealandiae). The plants were grown in control climate cabinets.
The clones of silver and fescue tussock came originally from the Godley Valley (Lake Tekapo district) and included the stouter high altitude form of fescue tussock that may well be a distinct species (Connor pers. comm.). The clone of blue tussock came from Flagstaff Hill (Dunedin district).