Proceedings of the New Zealand Ecological Society (1961) 8: 1- 14

Indigenous-induced vegetation and Pinus radiata on volcanic ash soils

Research Article
D. R. McQueen  
  1. New Zealand Forest Products Ltd., Tokoroa

[First paragraph...]
This paper presents the results of preliminary work on the vegetation of central North Island rhyolitic ash showers. It has three aims: first to record details of the fire induced seral vegetation of areas not yet subject to land development; second to compare such vegetation with the understorey vegetation of Pinus radiata plantations, and with the shrubland found in localised areas where P. radiata has failed to regenerate after clearfelling; third to examine, within each of the three types of vegetation, the variations in species composition with varying soils, with the ultimate end of evolving a site classification for forestry use, based on the understory and cutover vegetation.