Proceedings of the New Zealand Ecological Society (1958) 6: 52- 58

The ecology of the Hutt Valley: Birds of the Hutt Valley

Report to Annual Meeting
P. C. Bull  

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The present paper consists of two parts: the first deals with the movements of birds from one place to another, and the second, in the form of an appendix, provides a preliminary list of the species that occur in the area.
The Hutt Valley provides good examples of several types of bird movements, but few of these have been studied in detail. The present account includes an interim report on a current study of the movements of blackbirds and thrushes in the Hutt Valley, a summary of miscellaneous observations on the movements of other species in the area, and a discussion on the significance of these movements to general ecological problems. The scientific names of species mentioned in the text are listed in the appendix.