New Zealand Journal of Ecology (1995) 19(2): 209- 212

Breeding success of New Zealand pigeons (Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae) in relation to control of introduced mammals

Research Article
M. N. Clout 1
K. Denyer 2
R. E. James 1
I. G. McFadden 3
  1. School of Biological Sciences, University of Auckland, Private Bag 92019, Auckland, New Zealand
  2. Environment Waikato, P.O. Box 4010, Hamilton East, New Zealand
  3. Department of Conservation, Private Bag 68908, Newton, Auckland, New Zealand

A 55 ha remnant of coastal native forest at Wenderholm Regional Park (near Auckland) was selected as the site for a pilot experiment to test if rat control could yield measurable benefits in increased productivity of New Zealand pigeons. Talon 50WB poison baits were used to reduce rat numbers over the summer of 1992-93. Pigeon breeding success was significantly higher (5 fledglings from 11 nests) than in preceding summers without rat control (no fledglings from 27 nests).