New Zealand Journal of Ecology (1995) 19(1): 77- 82

Maori Customary Use of Native Birds, Plants and Other Traditional Materials

Policy Submission
New Zealand Ecological Society Council  

Submission to the New Zealand Conservation Authority on their discussion paper on Maori customary use.

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This submission is in three parts. The first has comments on the discussion paper itself, often of a clarifying nature. The second addresses the issues of harvesting. It emphasises ecological aspects relevant to proposals for the joint management of natural resources. It was felt more useful to offer members' expertise on these matters, rather than advocate one specific management option. At the outset, however, it is important to caution on the critically-stressed nature of many of New Zealand's species and ecosystems; and also to point out the immense scientific, as well as heritage value of the off-shore island reserves, and the international concern for the continued maintenance of the largely pristine condition of some of the sub-Antarctic islands. These considerations imply that a very cautious approach be taken to any proposal to harvest species or further modify ecosystems. The final part of the submission is individual commentaries on the final draft, invited from two members of the Society who are Maori. These commentaries have been modified and are included in this issue as an article (Wright, Nugent and Parata, 1995).