New Zealand Journal of Ecology (1994) 18(1): 69- 81

Review of South-Island High Country Land Management Issues—Joint Submission to the Ministerial High Country Review Committee from the New Zealand Ecological Society and the New Zealand Society of Soil Science

Research Article
M. Floate  
R. Allen  
K. Dickinson  
P. Espie  
A. Hewitt  
B. Lee  
A. Mark  
C. Mason  
P. McIntosh  
C. Meurk  
A. Nordmeyer  
K. O'Connor  
D. Scott  
K. Tate  

This submission has been co-ordinated by Mike Floate, with contributions from: Ralph Allen, Kath Dickinson, Peter Espie, Mike Floate, Allan Hewitt, Bill Lee, Alan Mark, Caroline Mason, Peter McIntosh, Colin Meurk, Alan Nordmeyer, Kevin OÕConnor, David Scott and Kevin Tate.

The version published here has been edited to remove minor errors and to ensure stylistic consistency, but is otherwise that submitted to the review working party.