New Zealand Journal of Ecology (1993) 17(1): 47- 51

Interaction between Some Pasture Species and 2 Hieracium Species

Research Article
D. Scott  
B. L. Sutherland  
  1. AgResearch, P.O. Box 60, Lincoln, New Zealand

Possible control options are investigated for the introduced Hieracium weeds, particular problems in South Island high country, New Zealand. In a pot experiment regression of input to output ratios of above ground biomass over successive harvests, from binary mixtures was used to determine the competitive interaction between 13 pasture species and two Hieracium species, H. pilosella and H. praealtum, in a low fertility soil. Treatments also included a factorial of presence or absence of compartments separating root and shoots of species. Species differed in their mean growth rate, relative to Hieracium species. The ranking of mean growth rate relative to H. pilosella was Trifolium repens (best), Bromus inermis, Sanguisorba minor, Festuca novaezelandiae, F. rubra, Arrhenatherum elatius, Anthoxanthum odoratum, Lotus corniculatus, Hypochoeris radicata, Trifolium repens, T. hybridum, T. medium and Astragalus cicer. Shoot partitions decreased Hieracium's interaction with white clover while root partitions increased interaction with B. inermis. However, the rates were not related to the proportion of Hieracium in the mixtures, indicating a general lack of specific competitive effects against Hieracium.