New Zealand Journal of Ecology (1987) 10: 159- 159

Annual Conference 1986

Conference Report
  1. New Zealand Ecological Society

First paragraph:
The 35th Annual Conference was held at Lincoln College from 2–5 September 1986. There was an above average number of registrants (210). The conference began for many on Monday 1 September with a new-look, muddy boot field trip, a one day survey of Kowhai-Lords Bush led by Dr Colin Meurk. This was an interesting and enjoyable way to begin the week's conference activities and a style of field trip worth repeating. The symposium on Moas, Mammals and Climate was very successful, integrating a diverse range of scientific fields. Contemporary thinking on the subject of the symposium was summarised in a thought provoking two day programme expertly introduced by Graeme Caughley's initial review.