New Zealand Journal of Ecology (1983) 6: 99- 105

Mt Tarawera: 1. Vegetation Types and Successional Trends

Research Article
Susan M. Timmins 1,2
  1. Biological Sciences Department, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand
  2. Present address: Department of Lands and Survey, Private Bag, Wellington, New Zealand

Vegetation succession on Mt Tarawera, Rotorua, New Zealand, a recently erupted volcano, was studied. Field data from 70 plots were collected and analysed by a clustering algorithm. The plots formed an altitudinal and successional series which included bare scoria, herbfield, mixed hardwood, scrub, kamahi forest and tawa forest. Because of the differential effects of the 1886 eruption, different successional trends are being followed on the north-west and south-east faces of the mountain.