New Zealand Journal of Ecology (1982) 5: 6- 15

Landsat-II Digital Data-Analysis and Mt Tarawera Vegetation

Research Article
Susan M. Timmins 1,2
  1. Biological Sciences Department, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand
  2. Present address: Remote Sensing Section, Physics and Engineering Laboratory, DSIR, Private Bag, Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Digital data collected by Landsat II satellite were used to produce a vegetation map of Mt Tarawera, Rotorua, New Zealand. The accuracy of this map, when checked in the field, varied for each class of vegetation; low stature and cover vegetation were more reliably classified than tall forest. The average probability of a resolution unit being correctly classified (with 95% confidence limits) was 65% when strict vegetation class definitions were used, and 88 % when more flexible definitions were adopted.