Promoting Rauika Māngai: A Guide to Vision Mātauranga

The NZES Council encourages all of its members to read Rauika Māngai: A Guide to Vision Mātauranga. The purpose of this guide is to share and extend best practice approaches to Vision Mātauranga,  build collective knowledge that contributes gains and benefits to whānau, hapū, iwi, and diverse Māori communities, and provide a collective Māori voice on National Science Challenge matters. Although developed primarily for National Science Challenge purposes, this guide is widely applicable to all those broadly involved in science in Aotearoa New Zealand.

This Guide was written from the perspectives and recommendations of Māori researchers and facilitators who work at the interface between the Māori and Scientific worlds, gathered at the Vision Mātauranga Leadership Hui, 30-31 October 2019. The discussions from the hui are distilled into three sections, each of which addresses a different audience: Section 1 Vision Mātauranga Leadership Development; Section 2 Bringing Vision Mātauranga to Life; and Section 3 Empowering the Future. There are sections pertinent specifically to pākehā and Māori researchers, making this a valuable resource for everyone and accessible even if you're short on time.

A pdf of this Guide can be found here, and we encourage everyone to read, reflect on, and use the helpful guidance within it.