Proceedings of the New Zealand Ecological Society (1974) 21: 11- 16

Ecology and management of South Island beech forests: The arthropods of the floors of six forest types on the West Coast, South Island, a preliminary report.

Research Article
H. Pauline McColl  
  1. Soil Bureau, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Lower Hutt.

The arthropods of the floors of six forest types (three podocarp/beech forests, a beech forest without podocarps, a young plantation of Pinus radiata and a podocarp/hardwood forest) were examined. The podocarp/beech forests are richest in species and numbers of animals. The beech forest has fewer species and individuals than podocarp/beech but also has less varied litter. Most species found in beech are also present in podocarp/beech. Young P. radiata has an impoverished fauna with few species and low numbers of animals. Some animals are able to survive in protected situations and deep organic deposits when beech is cut over and burnt prior to planting with pines. The podocarp/hardwood forest examined has fewer species and lower numbers of animals than the other indigenous forest types probably because of unfavourable soil and climatic conditions.