Proceedings of the New Zealand Ecological Society (1964) 11: 1- 5

Forest regeneration problems in the Hunua range, Auckland

Research Article
W. B. Silverster 1,2
  1. Department of Botany, University of Auckland
  2. Current address: Department of Botany, University of Canterbury

[First paragraph...]
The Hunua Range consists of approximately thirty square miles of dense mature rain forest and an equal area of scrub and second growth. It is situated nearly thirty miles south-east of Auckland City on the western edge of the Firth of Thames (Fig. 1.) The range comprises a group of deeply dissected, up-faulted blocks of Mesozoic greywacke. The upland region is sharply delimited from the rolling lowlands by four well-defined fault lines in the east, south and west. To the north the area dips gradually into the Tamaki Strait and the Papakura-Clevedon lowland.