Proceedings of the New Zealand Ecological Society (1963) 10: 24- 27

Evidence for ecologically significant changes in climate during the post-glacial period in New Zealand: Methods of obtaining hydrological evidence on climate change

Research Article
A. P. Campbell  
  1. Soil Conservation and River Control, Wellington

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In New Zealand hydrological data are classified in five broad categories: water resources, channel stability, floods, catchment condition, and suspended sediment or erosion measurements. A description of how the collection of data has been planned has been given elsewhere (Campbell 1960). The classification will assist the collection of evidence relating to climate change since confirmatory or contradictory evidence may be shown up by study of the different kinds of data.
The methods which can be used will depend on the observer having a good understanding of the meaning and interpretation of each kind of data and the subject is accordingly dealt with here in each separate category.