Proceedings of the New Zealand Ecological Society (1961) 8: 23- 27

The forest flora of Canterbury: Ecological inferences

Research Article
C. J. Burrows  
  1. University of Canterbury

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Species lists have been collected for forested and related scrubland areas throughout Canterbury. The total number of species involved is about 350. The patterns of distributions reflect the influence of one or a combination of several of the following factors:

1. The Pleistocene glaciation and subsequent climate amelioration.
2. The differential migration potential and length of life of beech trees and podocarp/hardwood species.
3. Climate deterioration within the last millenium.
4. Widespread fires from 500 to 800 years ago.
5. The existing climate, especially effective rainfall, with relation to topography and degree of exposure.
6. The advent of Europeans. Felling and burning. The effects of grazing animals.