New Zealand Journal of Ecology (1999) 23(2): 281- 287

Risks to non-target species from use of a gel bait for possum control

Research Article
David R. Morgan  
  1. Landcare Research, P.O. Box 69, Lincoln, New Zealand

The risks to non-target species of a newly developed bait containing either 0.15% 1080 or 0.6% cholecalciferol in a gel matrix were assessed. Very few of them ate gel bait. The safety of the gel bait is further enhanced by its placement in the purpose-designed bait station from which little spillage occurs, and which can be placed so that it is out of reach of most non-target animals. Comparative data show that nontarget species are considerably less susceptible to cholecalciferol than to sodium monofluoroacetate (1080). Risks to non-target species could be further reduced by use of the cholecalciferol form of the bait.