N.Z.J.Ecol., Volume 23(2), 1999

Table of Contents

Research Article

C. T. Eason
L. Milne
M. Potts
G. Morriss
G. R. G. Wright
O. R. W. Sutherland
Pages: 219-224
H. A. Robertson
R. M. Colbourne
P. J. Graham
P. J. Miller
R. J. Pierce
Pages: 225-231
Rod McDonald
Jo-Anne Short
Lynn Cate
Kirsty Lyall
Rob Orchard
Pages: 289-292

The papers published in this issue were submitted from the 25 oral and 10 poster papers given at a scientific meeting organised by the N.Z. Ecological Society on "Ecological Consequences of Poisons used for Mammalian Pest Control". The meeting was held at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch on 9-10 July, 1998 and was attended by 120 registrants.