New Zealand Journal of Ecology (1997) 21(1): 43- 49

Distribution, habitat and conservation status of Hemideina ricta and H. femorata on Banks Peninsula, New Zealand

Research Article
J. A. Townsend 1
B. Brown 2
I. A. N. Stringer 1,*
M. A. Potter 1
  1. Department of Ecology, Massey University, Private Bag 11222, Palmerston North, New Zealand
  2. Department of Entomology and Animal Ecology, Lincoln University, Lincoln, New Zealand
*  Corresponding author

Two tree weta Hemideina ricta and H. femorata are predominantly allopatric on Banks Peninsula (South Island, New Zealand) except for four small areas of overlap. H. ricta was found over the outer eastern portion of Banks Peninsula including the eastern slopes of Akaroa Harbour whereas H. femorata was usually lower down on the eastern edge of Akaroa Harbour and west of this. H. ricta ranged from 20 m to 806 m in altitude whereas all H. femorata were found below 450 m. Ninety-four per cent of H. femorata occupied holes in Kunzea ericoides and the remainder were in four other tree species and in logs. Forty- one per cent of H. ricta were in logs and old fenceposts, 20% were in Hoheria angustifolia, 19% were in K. ericoides, 16% were in seven other broadleaf hardwood species and 4% were under rocks.