New Zealand Journal of Ecology (1988) 11: 109- 111

Mineral Element Concentrations in Foliage and Bark of Woody Species on Auckland-Island, New Zealand

Research Article
W. G. Lee  
  1. Botany Division, DSIR, Private Bag, Dunedin, New Zealand

Mineral element concentrations are presented in leaf and bark material from six woody species growing at a single site on the subantarctic Auckland Islands. Foliar total mineral element concentrations range from 5.81% (Olearia lyallii) to 2.71 % (Dracophyllum longifolium), the lowest concentrations occurring in slow growing species tolerant of nutrient-poor soils. The browse preference of introduced goats is correlated with high foliar potassium levels while species that are preferentially debarked (Pseudopanax simplex and Myrsine divaricata) have the highest bark calcium concentrations.