NZES2015 conference - stories in the media

NZES 2015 was a huge success. We had over 350 delegates, around 200 talks and posters and loads of excellent social events. Check out our facebook page for photos from the poster session, the evening public talk by Devon McLean about the role of philanthropy in conservation and the panel discussion on the role of philanthropy, partnerships and non-government initiatives in conservation. You can still find the full conference programme here.

NZES 2015 organisers made a special effort to organise media coverage of some of the topics being investigated by NZ ecologists and share our science with the public. Here are some of the stories that have emerged so far:

Rats hit hard by 1080 drop - Jamie Morton, NZ Herald, 16 Nov 2015

Potential rat plague threatens native birds - Gerard Hutching,, 17 Nov 2015

Rena recap: The tough call that paid off - Jamie Morton, NZ Herald, 17 Nov 2015

Scientists ponder impact on species after finding singing adjusted to cope with urban din - Jamie Morton, NZ Herald, 18 Nov 2015

Labrador weapon in battling kauri killer - Jamie Morton, NZ Herald, 19 Nov 2015

Cat tracking study an eye opener for owners - Jamie Morton, NZ Herald, 20 Nov 2015

Pests push native birds to brink - Jamie Morton, NZ Herald, 23 Nov 2015

Weta a winemaker's bugbear - Jamie Morton, NZ Herald, 25 Nov 2015

Bio lure spells end for redbacks - Jamie Morton, NZ Herald, 25 Nov 2015

Alison Ballance, Radio NZ, mini NZES2015 "Ecology in Action" features several stories from the conference on Our Changing World