NEW - three additional sections on the Our Estuaries Hub!

Three new sections have been added to the Our Estuaries Hub on the DOC website: Revegetating estuaries, Seagrass and mangroves extent, and Featured estuaries projects.


The Our Estuaries Hub was launched in February 2016 as a dedicated resource to help anyone explore and learn more about our many estuaries. The Hub also includes interactive maps that show where monitoring and restoration work is happening around New Zealand.


Revegetating estuaries: a map showing we have a wealth of information around the country. Now looking at the restoration map, you will see red markers for current restoration groups, yellow for plant inventories and purple for restoration guides. Clicking on the markers will give some information and leads to a webpage.


Seagrass and mangroves extent: this interactive map shows the current and historical extent of seagrass and mangroves in New Zealand. This is a repository for any survey work undertaken. It's the first time this information has been brought together in a nationally consistent data layer.


Featured estuaries projects: there are many opportunities to get involved with online and practical projects based around estuaries in New Zealand. This page has links to a range of projects including the Seagrass Spotter App, the National Riparian Restoration Database, Marine Meter Squared, and guidance on how to run a bioblitz.