West Coast

Soil in relation to forest type in beech forests in the Inangahua Depression, West Coast, South Island.

The relationship between soil pattern and forest cover in the Inangahua Depression, West Coast, is examined and discussed. The relative effects of five soil forming factors, topography, parent material, climate, time and organisms are considered. The first four factors may be placed in a sequence of decreasing importance from climate through time and topography to parent material.

Ecology and management of South Island beech forests: Biological reserves in the West Coast and Southland beech forest management areas

The main purpose of biological reserves in the northern West Coast and western Southland beech forest management regions and some factors affecting their selection are described. Their total area is about 30,000 ha in the West Coast region and about 5,000 ha in western Southland (excluding Waitutu State Forest).