water movement

Preliminary observations on the influence of water movement on population structure in Ancorina corticata (Carter) (Choristida: Demospongiae).

The influence of water movement on sponge population structure was investigated in the marine sponge Ancorina corticata (Carter) from Westernport Bay, Victoria, Australia. Population characteristics studied were dispersion, population density, biomass and size-frequency distributions. Strong continuous water movement facilitated the growth of the sponge but no effects were found on the dispersion patterns of the population

Dynamic Processes in New Zealand Land-Water Ecotones

This paper reviews current knowledge of dynamic processes in New Zealand land-water ecotones drawing on published quantitative data wherever possible. Basic ecosystem processes in forested and natural unforested land-water ecotones are compared, and dynamic processes are discussed under the following headings: time scales of change; water movement; sediment trapping and transport; dissolved nutrient dynamics; dissolved oxygen; trophic interactions.