Tararua Ranges

Variation in the soil water and soil air contents associated with a vegetation-soil sequence in the Tararua Mountains, New Zealand.

This paper describes part of a study of vegetation/soil system dynamics in which close relationships were demonstrated between structural change of the forest, with associated changes in composition, and changes in organic matter and soil physical properties, particularly the quantities of water and air in non-capillary pores. Because of these results an analysis was made of the quantities of water and air in the same soils under field coniditions to test their correspondence with the vegetation pattern and known physical properties

An analysis of a recreational hunter's red deer tallies in the Tararua Ranges, North Island, New Zealand

We examined the jaw size, age and sex distribution of 324 red deer constituting a comprehensive record of all recreational hunting kills made by a single hunter of the Tararua ranges of North Island New Zealand over a period 20 years (1976-1996). The proportion of stags shot at times other than the rut (March—April) was not significantly different to that in a sample of deer obtained by commercial helicopter hunting and did not change significantly after the first three years of hunting regardless of any effect of helicopter hunting.