Fate of sodium monofluroacetate (1080) following disposal of pest bait to a landfill

The results of a programme to monitor the containment and natural breakdown of approximately 12 000 kg of toxic vertebrate pest bait, containing compound 1080 (sodium monofluroacetate), in a landfill site are reported. The baits were buried in a purpose-dug pit in a managed solid waste disposal site at Winton in central Southland, New Zealand, in August 1996. Compound 1080 is used extensively in a bait form to control a range of introduced vertebrate pests, (e.g., European rabbit, Australian brush tailed possum), which cause considerable economic and environmental damage in New Zealand.

Dynamic Processes in New Zealand Land-Water Ecotones

This paper reviews current knowledge of dynamic processes in New Zealand land-water ecotones drawing on published quantitative data wherever possible. Basic ecosystem processes in forested and natural unforested land-water ecotones are compared, and dynamic processes are discussed under the following headings: time scales of change; water movement; sediment trapping and transport; dissolved nutrient dynamics; dissolved oxygen; trophic interactions.