Proceedings of the New Zealand Ecological Society (1977) 24: 1- 3

Editorial comment

A. H. C. Christie  

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Journals evolve and the "proceedings" is no exception. Each Editor brings a different approach to the task (and no one who has had editing experience will be under the illusion that it is not a task!) and changes are introduced. A new feature in this issue is the appearance of an editorial. It is expected that the content of the editorial will cover matters which the Editor feels should be brought to the attention of the members. These may include, for example, internal policy matters and ecological items, either general or specific, of which members of the Society and the wider audience who may read the "Proceedings" should be informed. It is not proposed (by this Editor anyway) that the feature be wholly written by the Editor. Persons with specialised knowledge and demonstrated interest will be invited to contribute. The end result, it is hoped, will be a feature that readers will want to examine and will consequently be better informed.