Proceedings of the New Zealand Ecological Society (1972) 19: 173- 173

Fungal spores; their liberation and dispersal

Book Review
James B. Corbin  

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The author has been an acknowledged contributor of scientific papers and books on spore discharge and dispersal for almost 40 years. In this book he successfully collates present day knowledge with a wealth of his own previously unpublished data, and some of the late Professor A. H. R. Buller, another expert in the field. This new book is a comprehensively updated and well illustrated revision of the author's earlier separate editions of "Dispersal in fungi" and "Spore liberation". The new book avoids repetition wherever possible, as is seen in the references quoted which are heavily drawn from researches during the past ten years. The bryophytes are not considered in this new volume, but otherwise coverage of the subject material is similar in scope to the earlier books.