Proceedings of the New Zealand Ecological Society (1971) 18: 79- 80

Flora of New Zealand Vol 2: Indigenous Tracheophyta: Monocotyledons except Gramineae.

Book Review
B. H. Macmillan  

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It is a great satisfaction to the biologist and naturalist to have in this neat and attractive volume the means of identifying the indigenous monocotyledons (excluding the grasses) and a source of reference ,to many aspects of them. This section of the flora includes plants which make up a large part of our vegetation in moist habitats, and some of considerable horticultural interest. It is fitting to see them in an independent volume rather than a small end section of a complete Flora. This volume is a continuation of the text of Volume 1 by Dr. H. H. Allan, 1961, to which we refer for the account of the N.Z. botanical region, the annuals of taxonomic research: up to 1958, authors' names and Maori names of plants. It is independent in keys, glossary, abbreviations and index, and contains the corrigenda for Volume 1.