Proceedings of the New Zealand Ecological Society (1971) 18: 77- 78

Mushrooms and Toadstools in New Zealand.

Book Review
J. M. Dingley.  

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In many parts of the world collecting and naming fungi is as popular a hobby as birdwatching, shell-collecting and butterfly-hunting. In New Zealand few amateur naturalists notice fungi in our forests and pastures. This is due to the lack of a simple text about fungi. In Mushrooms and Toadstools Marie Taylor illustrates in colour more than 50 species and at least another 20 in small black and white sketches. The term 'mushrooms and toadstools' has been applied in the broadest sense, for out of the 12 plates published in the text only five deal with gill fungi (another excellent plate on gill fungi is produced as the back wrapper) the true 'toadstools and mushrooms'. The rest are larger fungi belonging to puff-balls, polypores, cup fungi, pyrenomycetes, and even and orchid.