Proceedings of the New Zealand Ecological Society (1959) 7: 16- 16

Vegetation pattern in North Island mountains

Report to Annual Meeting
A. P. Druce  
  1. Botany Division, D.S.I.R.

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The high-mountain vegetation pattern of the North Island was briefly discussed with the aid of a vegetation map and a number of slides. High-mountain vegetation, which includes the vegetation of the cold temperate and subpolar (subalpine and alpine) zones, covers some 3,000 square miles (7%) of the North Island. Only 250 square miles of this (0.6% of the North Island) is in the subpolar zone and permanent snow occurs only on Mt. Ruapehu. The lower limit varies from about 3,000 ft. in the north down to 2,000 ft. near Wellington, with the subpolar zone commencing 2,000 ft. above that limit.
The principal areas of high mountain vegetation occur on the following mountain ranges and peaks (maximum altitude infeet): Aorangi Mts. (3,226), Rimutaka Ra. (3,086), Tararua Ra. (5,154), Ruahine Ra. (5,687), Kaweka Ra. (5,657), Kaimanawa Mts. (5,665), Mt. Ruapehu and other volcanoes of the central plateau (9,175), Mt. Egmont and Pouakai Ra. (8,260), Hauhungaroa Ra. (3,580), Ahimanawa Ra. (4,225), Huiarau Ra. (4,602), Raukumara Ra. (5,753).