Proceedings of the New Zealand Ecological Society (1957) 5: 19- 20

Sand country ecology: Forestry in relation to sand country ecology

Report to Annual Meeting
G. H. Hocking  

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The forester has the dual role of stabilizing drifting sand and practising forestry on part of the reclaimed land. In this second role he must co-operate with the farm development officer in working out a land use pattern of purely protective cover near the beach, with productive forest and pasture inland.
The present cycle of sand-drift has been induced by human interference with the vegetative cover during the last century, particularly by cattle grazing and burning. Any system of extensive management which does not protect the more vulnerable sand hills from the depredations of stock will perpetuate instability. Consequently the present reclamation is directed towards a more intensive land-use pattern which can assign the various sites to their best permanent use.