Proceedings of the New Zealand Ecological Society (1957) 5: 12- 12

Ecology of the sea-floor off Southern California

Report to Annual Meeting
D. E. Hurley  

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This paper dealt with work in the offshore region of Los Angeles by the Allan Hancock F'oundation, University of Southern California. A combined geological, biological, microbiological, and hydrological study is being carried out on a unique area of continental shelf of partially connected deep basins of varying degree of flushing and stagnation (Cf. Emery, 1954).
The biological work has revealed a mosaic of animal associations—over 60 distinct associations being recognized. The results were discussed with relation to hydrological conditions and nutritional richness and impoverishment. In basins where oxygen level is low, the fauna is particularly impoverished; where there is enrichment from sewage pollution the fauna is correspondingly rich. Molluscs are generally scarce and polychaetes make up the major portion of the biomass (Cf. Hartman, 1955).