Proceedings of the New Zealand Ecological Society (1956) 4: 41- 42

An attempt to measure local variations in climate with improvised apparatus

Report to Annual Meeting
G. T. S. Baylis  

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This paper is based on work carried out by two Otago University students Mr. P. Wardle and Mr. A. F. Mark, and a more detailed account of it is in course of publication.
Over fifty improvised gauges read at monthly intervals were used to discover the rainfall pattern on the hill country near Dunedin. Funnels tall enough to hold 8 inches of snow were constructed from galvanised down-piping, and one-gallon paint tins with their lids sealed on were used as reservoirs. Freezing and undue heating of the water collected were avoided by setting the tin in the ground and building a stone cairn about the base of the funnel. The reliability of the results can be assessed from Table 1.