Proceedings of the New Zealand Ecological Society (1956) 4: 32- 32

Cook Strait as a field for ecological study: Decapods

Report to Annual Meeting
J. C. Yaldwyn  

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When I was asked to speak it was suggested that I might summarise the results of the work being done by the Zoology Department here, in Cook Strait, from the point of view of the Decapods.
This is what I propose to do, using the decapod shrimps only, as the systematics of the crab fauna is not well enough known to make generalisations at the moment. The shrimps, however, are well known systematically, though much of this work is, as yet, unpublished.
Not very much ecological information is known yet, but three years of work in the area culminating in a well-organised programme this year, is beginning to produce some results.