New Zealand Journal of Ecology (1990) 14: 31- 35

Nothofagus truncata (Hard Beech) in the Upper Taramakau Catchment, South Island, New Zealand

Research Article
P. Haase 1,2
  1. Dyckerhoffstrasse 3, 4540 Lengerich, Federal Republic of Germany
  2. Present address: School of Forestry, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand

Scattered small stands of Nothofagus truncata occur in the upper Taramakau catchment, Arthur's Pass National Park, beyond the previously assumed range of the species in north Westland. Restricted to older soils on stable north to north-west slopes, the N. truncata stands are surrounded by N. fusca dominated forest and their upper altitudinal limits at 370-500 m border N.fusca-N. menziesii or N. solandri: var. cliffortioides forest. The nearest existing seed sources are located more than 20 km to the north in the Lake Haupiri region, north Westland. Cyathodes fasciculata and Metrosideros perforata are associated with N. truncata in one or more of the stands and are recorded for the first time in Arthur's Pass National Park. The biogeographical significance of the N. truncata stands is discussed.