New Zealand Journal of Ecology (1982) 5: 67- 75

Further-Studies on the Impact of Deer on Secretary Island, Fiordland, New Zealand

Research Article
A. F. Mark 1
G. T. S. Baylis 1,2
  1. Botany Department, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand
  2. Present address: 367 High Street, Dunedin.

The continuing effects of red deer on the rain forest of Fiordland's Secretary Island (80 km2) over the last six years are described in relation to their initial impact and control operations. On easily accessible sites the range of affected species is increasing as the most palatable become depleted while some previously unmodified sites are now threatened. Photographic records, quantitative samples and permanent plots are used to describe still virgin stands and various levels of modification to the forest composition and structure, as well as to provide a basis for further monitoring.